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About Dj Chris Craze

Christopher "Chris Craze" embarked on his DJ career in 1988, armed with only a modest mixing setup and a diverse collection of records. Despite these humble beginnings, he quickly established himself as a prominent figure within the Florida DJ community. Through his exceptional live mash-ups and carefully curated song selections, he has since gained international acclaim. A plethora of outstanding performances and unconventional gigs have propelled him to a level of renown attained by only a select few DJs in the industry.
Christopher has amassed an impressive portfolio of clients, venues, and music festivals throughout his career. This roster includes notable events such as EDC Orlando, Sunset Music Festival, Ushwaya Music Festival, and venues such as Storman's Palace, Fantasy Ranch, Pleasure Dome, EMPIRE, City Lites, Ozone, Floyd's Night Club, and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This list of accomplished performance locations continues to grow and is a testament to his standing within the industry.
Christopher's passion for music was sparked at an early age, with his introduction to the piano at the age of 8. He was captivated by the instrument and heavily influenced by his late father, Pat Di Roma, who was a lifelong musician and instrumental in fostering Christopher's love for music and electronics. His father introduced him to cutting-edge, now classic, drum machines and keyboards, and he eventually received his own keyboard and began learning to play everything he heard. Despite an interest in drums, space limitations and his parents' reluctance to tolerate constant noise precluded the presence of a drum set in his childhood home. Nevertheless, he would seize every opportunity to play on others' kits or at music stores. During his high school years, his music creation was temporarily set aside, until 1995 when he built his first studio and began acquiring computers, synths, tone generators, and audio recording gear. He started making his own edits of songs to play out, and eventually began producing his own music. He also produced and engineered songs for a few local dance and hip-hop artists in Tampa. In 1997, he pressed his first dance record, "Got a Love For You," a bootleg remake of the Jomanda classic from 1991, featuring heavy 808 drums and cheesy synth lines.

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